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Several links on this page will direct you to the (the former Financial Management Service) or to the (the former Bureau of the Public Debt) websites. This is a temporary solution as we build the Bureau of the Fiscal Service website.

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Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Questions about Debt Owed to the Government - (800) 304-3107

Questions about Payments (Check or DIrect Deposit) - (800) 826-9434

Internal Revenue Service - (800) 829-1040

Social Security Administration - (800) 772-1213

Other Contacts at the Fiscal Service

Media Inquiries - (202) 874-6750, (202) 504-3502

FOIA Inquiries - (202) 874-5602

Congressional Inquiries - (202) 874-6760

Regional Financial Centers

Kansas City Financial Center - (816) 414-2100

Philadelphia Financial Center - (855) 868-0151, Option 1

Facilities-Related Issues

Sharon King - (202) 874-6960

James Friday - (202) 874-8340

Fiscal Service Locations and Mailing Addresses

Program Contacts

Agency Relationship Management - (202) 874-5315 (more information)

Click on the link below to access the Program Directory:
Fiscal Service Program Contacts Telephone Listing PDF Document

See also TreasuryDirect contacts for questions about Treasury securities (including savings bonds), or the Public Debt

Shared Services Contacts

Do Not Pay Contacts

Comment Form for Specific Program Areas

Questions & Answers

Index of Frequently Asked Questions

Our Websites

Financial Management Service

This legacy bureau provided central payment services to federal agencies, operated the collections and deposit systems, provided government-wide accounting and reporting services, and managed the collection of delinquent debt owed to the government.

Visit Financial Management Service

Bureau of the Public Debt

See what the roles and responsibilities of this legacy Bureau were – to borrow the money needed to operate the government and to account for the resulting debt.

Visit Bureau of the Public Debt


TreasuryDirect is the first and only financial services website that lets you buy and redeem Treasury securities, including U.S. Savings Bonds, directly from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in paperless electronic form.

Visit TreasuryDirect


The Administrative Resource Center works with federal agencies to improve the agency's success by delivering responsive, customer-focused, cost-effective administrative support.

Visit ARC

Do Not Pay

The Do Not Pay Business Center was developed to support federal agencies in their efforts to reduce the number of improper payments.

Visit Do Not Pay


A free service offered by the Department of the Treasury to help business and individual taxpayers conveniently pay all their federal taxes electronically.


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