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Programs and Services

Customer service is our priority. To us, customer service means more than just giving access to the information you need. It means offering excellent services at reasonable costs over a wide range of areas without sacrificing quality.

Our operations are funded by an annual appropriation for administering the public debt and permanent-indefinite appropriations for Federal Reserve Bank services and interest on the public debt. The services we provide to our franchise customers are self-funded.

Wholesale Securities Services

The Wholesale Securities Services program ensures that the government's critical financing needs are met and that the integrity and efficiency of primary and secondary markets for Treasury securities are maintained. It also includes our regulatory responsibilities.

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Government Agency Investment Services

This program includes three distinct services:

  1. Federal Investments
  2. State and Local Government Investments
  3. Federal Borrowings

Because these investments and borrowings are based on a broad range of statutes and a diverse customer base, our challenge is to ensure that we meet both statutory requirements and customer needs, while providing the most efficient operations possible.

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Retail Securities Services

Our Retail Securities program includes all of the services and activities related to savings and marketable Treasury securities purchased and held by individuals directly with Public Debt.

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Summary Debt Accounting

This program includes accounting for, and reporting on, all financial activity related to the public debt of the United States.

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ARC Franchise Services

This program provides reimbursable administrative and information technology services to a variety of federal government entities.

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GOVerify Business Center

The GOVerify Business Center provides automated tools, including a web-based single entry access portal, which federal agencies can use to gain access to an array of data sources to assist in determining whether an individual or entity is eligible to receive federal payments or engage in federal contracts or grants.

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Did You Know

The first U.S. federal currency was printed in 1862, during Salmon Portland Chase"s tenure as Secretary of the Treasury. He designed the bills, many of which originally featured his likeness.

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