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Automated Standard Application for Payments

Frequently Asked Questions for Recipient Organizations

General Policy

There is no fee charged to Payment Requesters or Recipient Organizations to use the ASAP system. Any computer can be used as long as certain equipment and browser specification requirements are met.

Enrollment for Recipient Organizations

  • The Federal Enrollment Initiator starts the enrollment process by identifying the Recipient Organization to be enrolled and entering the DUNS, EIN, type of organization and the point of contact information.
  • Unique DUNS, EIN and e-mails are required.
  • The role of the Point of Contact is critical to the enrollment process.
  • The RO Point of Contact confirms that information entered by the enrollment initiator and is responsible for identifying the recipient organization's officials.
  • The Head of Organization approves the officials identified by the point of contact.
  • The Authorizing Official is responsible for confirming the recipient organization's information and identifying the users who need access to the application.
  • The Financial Official is responsible for entering the bank account information for the recipient organization.
  • Once all of the above tasks are completed, the application will notify the federal agency that the organization enrollment has been completed and they can create and fund accounts.
  • Learn more about enrolling in

Last modified 10/25/18