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Card Acquiring Service

Card Acquiring Service

The Card Acquiring Service (CAS) is a Bureau of the Fiscal Service program that provides federal agencies payment card acceptance capabilities. Federal agencies can collect most remittance obligations through debit and credit cards. CAS is a card neutral program that accepts cards from all the major network brands.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover

What is Card Acquiring Service: An Introduction

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Benefits of CAS

The CAS program provides merchant services for credit, debit, electronic benefit transfer (EBT) and stored-value (e.g. gift, etc.) cards for federal partner agencies. With CAS, agencies can use the program to do the following:

Collect Funds with Minimal Risk

Get funds next day

Daily reporting

Reduce cash holdings

CAS Collections Flow

Existing Card Acquiring Service operations are extensive and complex. Processing payment card transactions typically involves two primary stages.

More about How CAS Works

Latest News & Updates

CAS webinar series launched June 2019

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More than 60 Federal Agencies Use CAS

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Last modified 09/05/19