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Collections Information Repository

Collections Data Flow

CIR has multiple collections sources that provide agencies with data every day. To understand how the data flows to and from CIR, use the infographic and steps below.

Diagram Key

  Source Systems for Data

Source systems are also known as Sending Trading Partners (STPs), Collections Channels, or Channel Applications.

  Downstream Reporting

These systems are referred to as CIR’s Receiving Trading Partners (RTPs). They receive information from CIR and use it to meet their financial management and reporting responsibilities.

The Flow of Data

  1. STPs receive and process Federal Program Agencies’ (FPAs) collections. Exceptions to the rule are FPAs and TGA banks that send collections information to directly to OTCnet for processing and lockboxes that send collections activity only to OTCnet and ECP for processing.
  2. STPs send detailed collections transactions, where applicable, and deposit information to the CIR.
  3. RTPs process and reconcile files from CIR that support the reporting of Treasury Account Symbols (TAS)/Business Event Type Code (BETC) and Classification Keys (C-Key) data to meet end-of-day financial management and reporting responsibilities within the downstream systems.

Last modified 09/06/19