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Financial Management Quality Service Management Office

Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO)

The FM QSMO is a Treasury initiative that will offer a new approach to shared services and federal financial management, establishing a marketplace of systems and services that will drive innovation, compliance with federal policies, standardization and automation.

Treasury's designation as the FM QSMO for core financial management directly supports the President's Management Agenda cross-agency priority goal on the sharing of quality services, (CAP Goal 5) and is a key part of reaching goals under Treasury's 10-year Vision for the Future of Federal Financial Management.

Guiding Principles

  • Focus on customer experience
  • Maximize the strategic value of data
  • Deliver progress using agile processes

Shared Goals

  • Standardize processes and data
  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • Modernize and automate processes
  • Improve customer satisfaction

To help agencies successfully meet their financial management goals, the FM QSMO will deliver solutions using the following four-stage approach:

  1. leverage established standards,
  2. engage in customer-centered solution management,
  3. promote its Marketplace through agile adoption; and
  4. measure performance of all FM QSMO activities.

Partner with Us to Design a Marketplace that Meets Your Needs

FM QSMO's work will focus on developing a customer-centric marketplace for modern, standards-based solutions that will move agencies away from outdated systems, improve government operations and performance and advance government-wide financial management goals, including improved transparency and better use of data for decision making.

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Last modified 07/09/20