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The General Fund of the US Government

Summary of General Fund USSGLs

101000 Fund Balance With Treasury
125000 Central Accounting/Agency Reconciliation Account
131000 Accounts Receivable
198000 Asset for Agency's Custodial and Non-Entity Liabilities
199000 Other Assets
201000 Liability for Fund Balance With Treasury
299000 Other Liabilities Without Related Budgetary Obligations
320000 Appropriations Outstanding - Cumulative
320100 Appropriations Outstanding - Warrants Issued
320600 Appropriations Outstanding - Adjustments
320700 Appropriations Outstanding - Used
331000 Cumulative Results of Operations
570005 Appropriations - Expended
571000 Transfer in of Agency Unavailable Custodial and Non-Entity Collections
571200 Accrual of Agency Amount To Be Collected - Custodial and Non-Entity
574000 Appropriated Dedicated Collections Transferred In
574500 Appropriated Dedicated Collections Transferred Out
575500 Nonexpenditure Financing Sources - Transfers-In - Other
575600 Nonexpenditure Financing Sources - Transfers-In - Capital Transfers
576500 Nonexpenditure Financing Sources - Transfers-Out - Other
579010 Other Financing Sources for the General Fund
718000 Unrealized Gains
771000 Trust Fund Warrant Journal Vouchers Issued Net of Adjustments


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