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Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG)

  • SF-329 - Administrative Wage Garnishment FormPDF document
    The Federal Agency issuing the Wage Garnishment Order is referred to as the "Creditor Agency." The Creditor Agency must complete this Administrative Wage Garnishment form and mail all parts (SF-329A, SF-329B, SF-329C, and SF-329D) of the form to the employer of the individual who owes a delinquent debt to the Federal Government.

  • SF-329 InstructionsPDF document
    Instrucciones Suplementarias (EspaƱol)PDF document

  • SF-329C - Wage Garnishment WorksheetPDF document
    Employers may use this form each pay period to calculate the Wage Garnishment Amount to be deducted from the debtor's disposable pay. Disposable pay includes, but is not limited to: salary, overtime, bonuses, commissions, sick leave and vacation pay. If section 2(a) of the Wage Garnishment Order specifies the dollar amount to be garnished, you do not need to use this form.
    Wage Garnishment Calculator

  • SF-329E - Notice of Termination of Wage Garnishment OrderPDF document
    Once a Wage Garnishment Order for an employee is terminated, the employer will discontinue deductions immediately upon receipt of the Notice. The Notice of Termination applies only to the Wage Garnishment Order issued by the Creditor Agency with the assigned Creditor Agency Tracking Number referenced in the Notice.
    SF-329E Instructions

  • Hearing Request - Administrative Wage GarnishmentPDF document
    If you received a Notice of Intent to Initiate Administrative Wage Garnishment from the Department of the Treasury, you may use this form to request a hearing. You may request a hearing if you believe that you do not owe the debt, disagree with the amount that the government claims you owe, or if the proposed garnishment would cause a financial hardship. Your request for a hearing must be in writing, signed, and delivered to the address on the notice. (The form is a fillable PDF that can be printed out and mailed.) For information about how to pay your debt and the administrative wage garnishment process, click here here.

Annual Debt Certification

Authorization for Release of Information

Centralized Receivables Service (CRS) Pilot: Agency Onboarding

  • Agency Pre-Onboarding QuestionnairePDF document
    The Pre-Onboarding Questionnaire is used to gather specific program information from a Federal Program Agency to determine the viability of a particular program as a candidate for participation in the CRS pilot program. The form assists in documenting the current state of receivables management, and helps to assess the agency's/program's needs and objectives that may be resolved through the use of the CRS service.

For additional CRS Forms, please visit the Centralized Receivables Service (CRS) Payment Center.


  • Agency Profile FormPDF document
    Provides DMS with basic information about an agency's debt program, and reflects the requirements set forth in the I TFM 4-4000.

  • Debtor Dispute FormPDF document
    Used to dispute a debt owed to the Department of the Treasury.

  • Recall RequestPDF document
    Request for a debt to be returned to the creditor agency.

  • Claims Collection Litigation Report (CCLR)PDF document
    Used to refer claims to the Department of Justice to obtain that Department's approval of any proposals to compromise the claims or to suspend or terminate agency collection activity.

  • Consumer and Commercial Debtor Financial Statements
    Submitted with supporting documentation to request a hearing regarding the terms of the repayment schedule.
    Consumer (English)PDF document | (Spanish)PDF document
    Commercial (English)PDF document | (Spanish)PDF document

Federal Student Loans

(See our Federal Student Loans: Forms page.)

Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation

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