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Kansas City Financial Center

Kansas City Financial Center

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service has centers in Kansas City and in Philadelphia. The Kansas City Financial Center pays out money, helps collect money, handles foreign transactions, and supports Fiscal Service programs.

Paying out money

The Kansas City Financial Center provides payment services for more than 300 federal agencies. Your federal income tax refunds; Social Security benefits; Supplemental Security income; Railroad Retirement Board benefits; veteran's pay, pension, and education benefits all come from the Kansas City Financial Center. Payments to federal workers, vendors, and grantees also come from Kansas City.

In fiscal year 2018, the Kansas City Financial Center issued more than 1 billion payments, 95% percent by electronic funds transfer and the rest by check.

Collecting money

The Kansas City Financial Center also helps the Treasury Offset Program collect delinquent debts that taxpayers owe to the federal government or to a state government.

Kansas City matches the eligible payments against the TOP database for offset.

Handling foreign transactions

At the Kansas City Financial Center, we also process all payments in foreign currency for federal agencies. In fiscal year 2018, we processed more than $17 billion in foreign currency payments through the International Treasury Services system.

Supporting Fiscal Service programs

In addition to paying out and collecting money, we support the Bureau of the Fiscal Service and its customers by providing

  • customer support for the Automated Standard Application for Payments System (ASAP)
  • project management for the Payment Application Modernization (PAM) effort to modernize and consolidate more than 30 payment applications into one streamlined system
  • training and education on financial management and accounting programs

We also

  • develop and test financial management products and services
  • serve as financial advisors to federal, state, and local governments; the financial community; and the Federal Reserve System to make sure that they are using programs from the Bureau of the Fiscal Service effectively and efficiently

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Contact the Kansas City Financial Center

For questions about federal payments


Kansas City Financial Center
P.O. Box 12599-0599
Kansas City, MO 64116-0599

Federal employees: For help with PAM, PIR, or SPS


Last modified 02/03/21