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OTCnet Release 2.10 Information

OTCnet Release 2.10 aims to enhance the user experience by introducing a 64-bit upgrade for Firmware, OLB, and OTCnet Offline, as well as implementing additional security enhancements.

Application Enhancements

Introduction of 64-Bit Upgrade for Firmware, OLB, and OTCnet Offline

Currently the OTCnet Local Bridge and Offline application versions are 32-bit applications that use 32-bit JRE. Oracle support for 32-bit Java 8 JRE ended in January 2019. Oracle’s next production release of Java will utilize 64-bit JRE and is not compatible with the OLB and Offline application. Hence, the current version of the OLB and Offline have been upgraded to support the newer version of Java, 64-bit OpenJDK JRE 8. To support the new OLB and Offline applications, firmware version 4.0.0 has been introduced.

To avoid disruption, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service (FS) released OLB version 1.2.0 with an Open JDK-JRE, which supports 64-bit processing. In addition, Fiscal Service released OTCnet Offline version 2.10 and Firmware 4.0.0 to support the new Open JDK-JRE and 64-bit processing.

Please note: During the installation process for the OTCnet Firmware, users can continue to use their workstations. However, OTCnet and all related activities will be unavailable until the installation of the Firmware is complete. The installation time can vary from workstation to workstation. Users can expect a duration of up to 30 minutes to complete full installation. Do not close the installation window until the installation is complete

Implement Security Enhancements

Fiscal Service is always looking to improve the overall security of the OTCnet application. Release 2.10 implemented security and technology enhancements to improve the overall user experience and increase functionalities.

Known Issue

Panini Check Scan Error
The OTCnet team is aware users may experience issues when attempting to scan a check using a Panini scanner. RDM scanners are unaffected. This issue is intermittent and occurs when users navigate away from the Check Scan page and attempt to return immediately to the Check Scan page. This causes the OLB to disconnect and for the Scan button to become unavailable.

If you receive any of the following error messages “Scanner Error,” “COM Surrogate has stopped working,” or “Critical scanner error encountered by the Firmware. Action: Please re-open browser and try again. If the problem persists, please contact support,” click OK, reboot your computer, and contact the Customer Support team to report the issue. Once your computer has rebooted, please restart the OLB and log-in to OTCnet.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Treasury OTC Support Center.

Treasury OTC Support Center
Toll free phone: 866-945-7920
DSN phone: 510-428-6824, Options 1, 3, 4

Internet Explorer 10 Retirement planned for Fall 2019

Fiscal Service is always looking to broaden the methods to access OTCnet and modernize options. To further this effort, Internet Explorer 10 will no longer be supported beginning in Fall 2019. Internet Explorer 11 will continue to be supported without interruption.

Last modified 03/25/19