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Standard Reporting Format

The SRF is the input file specification that agencies will be required to use to submit detailed payment and accounting data to the PIR.

The SRF defines the data elements and validation rules that all Non-Treasury Disbursing Offices (NTDO) must use to report issued payments and associated TAS/BETC information.

The PIR will serve as the only vehicle available to NTDOs for reporting TAS/BETC information to Fiscal Service and the SRF will be the mechanism through which this occurs.

Once processed and stored by the PIR, PIR will forward the required TAS/BETC information onto the Central Accounting Reporting System (CARS) (formerly Government Wide Accounting (GWA)).

SRF Format as of 11/26/2013

If you would like a copy of the Access the SRF Format Version 2.0.1 file specification, you can contact


Agencies must submit the SRF one day after date of payment. Date of payment is defined below for various methods of payment.

  • Check payments - the date of payment is the issue date of the check (the date inscribed on the check).
  • ACH (original and return) payments - the date of payment is the settlement date of the ACH transaction which can be found in the acknowledgement received from FedACH.
  • Wire and International ( Payments - the date of payment is the value date specified in the payment request.

Agencies that do not submit the SRF within one day following date of payment by 6 p.m. E.T. will have their vouchers default in the Central Accounting Reporting System (CARS) (formerly GWA) to the default TAS/BETC defined in Shared Accounting Module (SAM) for payment transactions.

The agency must then reclassify the voucher in the Classification Transaction Accountability (CTA) module of CARS. The default account must be cleared by the third workday after month-end or it will negatively impact the quarterly scorecard that is sent to the agency's CFO.

Last modified 07/12/18