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Secure Payment System

Technical Requirements

SPS is a web-based, thin-client application accessible via the internet.

SPS can be installed and operated on any computer with the following minimum requirements:

  • Desktop or laptop with Windows 7 or 10. (Note: All of the latest Windows updates/patches/service packs provided by Microsoft must be applied. There is limited support for Windows 7)
  • Latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Safenet Authentication Client 8.2
  • Rainbow I-Key 2032 USB Token or Safenet E-Token 5000 series USB Token
  • One free, active USB port
  • Printer
  • Internet connectivity
  • Minimum of one Data Entry Operator (DEO)
  • Minimum of one Certifying Officer (CO)

SPS utilizes the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for security. The PKI is configured at a high level of assurance which will require dual roles, separation of duties and in-person visits with a Trusted Registration Agent (TRA). The TRA is not a user of SPS but supports the users with the PKI ikey issuance and management. Agencies have the option of designating a person in their organization as a TRA. If the agency does not designate a TRA, the users must appear at a Fiscal Service location were established TRAs already exist, such Hyattsville, MD, Washington, DC, or Kansas City, MO.

SPS has made changes so that users will be able to login with their Personal Identity Verification (PIV) issued badge. This PIV migration process has started and we'll contact each agency as we near implementation for your agency. For more information, visit the Upcoming Changes SPS page.

While being able to run SPS from any user’s PC is convenient, there are concerns and vulnerabilities inherent with using the internet. Please check with your agency to determine how SPS will be implemented within your organization.

SPS has an optional feature that allows agencies to import payments and/or schedules from a file instead of manually key entering the data. This is known as the 440 file and must adhere to the format requirements. Schedules cannot be imported directly from other format types such as spreadsheets, databases, etc.

If you would like a copy of the Schedule Upload 440 File Format for GWA file specification, you can contact

There are advantages to importing payments and/or schedules by a file versus manually typing the data, such as significant time savings and elimination of human data entry errors. Depending on the number of payments entered per schedule, it could take an hour to manually type one schedule while importing the same schedule will take less than one minute. Since no payment data is typed during an import, there are also no human data entry errors.

Last modified 11/28/18