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Secure Payment System

Upcoming Changes

The following are planned enhancements to SPS:

PAM Operations Request Form

SPS will be enhanced to allow automated submissions for the following requests:

  1. Remove certification from SPS and PAM, initiate Schedule Number Reuse
  2. Change the Date of Pay
  3. Remove PRF from PAM

This feature will eliminate the paper approval process in use today.

PIV/PIV-I/CAC Integration
SPS will be enhanced to accept PIV/PIV-I/CAC badges for login, replacing the current ikey USB tokens. This is in the early stages and will require coordination with each agency to migrate effectively. Please stay tuned as we’ll contact each agency prior to your conversion.
PAM Notification Report in SPS
SPS will be enhanced to retrieve the PAM Notification reports that are associated with the PAM SPR bulk files that were previously sent to Fiscal Service by your SPS Federal Program Agency ID. DEO’s and CO’s will be able use the information prior to creating the Summary Certification.
Improve speed/usability, modernize the look and feel
SPS will be optimized to improve user interactions, as well as updating some screens and buttons. The overall functionality will remain the same.
Client software installation and update process
SPS will be enhanced to provide multiple means of installing and updating the SPS client software in 2019. This will assist agencies in updating their SPS user computers.

What's New in Version 22.0.0

This document with diagrams explains the next release of the Secure Payment System (SPS RelP 22.0.0) for Data Entry Operators and Certifying Officers user roles.


Previous Changes

Last modified 02/20/19