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Treasury Check Information System

Getting Started

To sign up to use TCIS, first read the relevant information about roles & functions, then ensure that your computer passes minimum system requirements

Enrolling as a New User

If you want to become a TCIS user, you must work for a Federal Program Agency (FPA), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB). In addition, you must have a supervisor that can approve your request.

To enroll, follow the instructions in the TCIS User Enrollment Guide (PDF).

Enrolling as a Supervisor

If you are a supervisor and are not yet set up as a supervisor in the IBM Tivoli Identity Management System (ITIM), enroll using the Supervisor Designation (PDF). Note that processing this form may take up to 2 days after submission.

Supervisors Enrolling New Users

If you are a supervisor who wants to approve a request for a person who should become a TCIS user, and you are set up as a supervisor in ITIM, follow the instructions in the TCIS Supervisor Enrollment Guide (PDF).

Last modified 09/25/19